Empty raft found in creek: No victims found with craft

CHICO -- A search Monday morning near a snagged raft in Big Chico Creek ended after crews found no bodies and no injured people.

Division Chief Steve Simpson of the Chico Fire Department thinks children might have been playing in the raft Sunday, got snagged and left the creek safely, he said.

"Because of the winter weather, the creeks and the river are up," Simpson said. "People need to use caution when being around them and in them."

Chico fire checked with Chico police, who reported no missing people, Simpson said.

About 7:50 a.m. Monday, Bidwell Park rangers found the rubberized raft with one oar in the creek east of Highway 99, Simpson said. Chico fire sent out a rescue team. The about eight-foot raft was not overturned. Crews walked about a mile up the stream from One-Mile Recreation Area, checking the water, snags and the creek bank.

"We searched the area the best we could," Simpson said.

The water was about three or four feet deep on average with deeper pools, Simpson said.

Simpson recommends people wear life jackets and helmets and have the proper training before venturing to the creeks and rivers, he said.

The danger was pointed out over the weekend when two teenagers apparently drowned Saturday near Walnut Creek, after launching a similar raft into a storm-swollen stream.


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  • Mission Peak
  • 所以妳們不用自己打撈了
  • 我們還在討論後續事宜

    Flora 於 2011/02/23 14:19 回覆

  • 安娜
  • 喔喔~~
    因為前兩個禮拜 在walnut creek有兩個學生去泛舟
    結果 .....回不來
    所以 大家現在看到遺棄的船體 應該都很緊張
  • 會啊 我也是擔心他們會持續尋找
    看那個報導 好像他們當成人找不到的情形在辦

    Flora 於 2011/02/23 14:24 回覆

  • Coco
  • 這真的嚴重了點... = =
  • 對呀

    Flora 於 2011/02/25 05:39 回覆

  • Tracy
  • 哇!代誌大條了!
    妳家小可愛去"自首" 領船了嗎?!
  • 有在催了 呵呵

    Flora 於 2011/02/26 14:27 回覆

  • yuki
  • 如果沒有妳的上一篇,
    直接看這篇會覺得好可怕呀 ~

    希望他們不要再找了 =.=
  • 他們有請警察局注意有沒有人報失蹤人口了
    (會不會真的有 然後對號入座?!)

    Flora 於 2011/02/25 14:24 回覆

  • Teresa
  • 我看你們兩夫妻還是快快回來灣區吧, 別在那小鎮擾民了...LOL
  • 小鎮擾民!!!

    Flora 於 2011/03/02 05:13 回覆